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Apple Shack – Bleu!

Apple Shack Bleu!1 of ejm’s (Ebenezer James MacRae’s) 90 or so structures but more nbingly, part of Carron Ironworks lasting legacy…making everything from wee Carronade cannons 4 us civil war , boer war, even Battle of Trafalgar to GGS’s (Giles Gilbert Scott’s) Pillar and Tel. Boxes to even the Tyne Tunnel and my wee tardis! Which until it gets its repaint, is in fact sporting a fetching Trafalgar Blue!! I’m reliably informed.

Bench Warming Invite!

BUM– BENCH- BUS (Such a Magic Formula!)

Sunday 30th July 9-11ish Come to our “Bench Warming

Help us Christen our carefully re-constructed Bench

Come for a Cuppa Apple Tea + a Pear Biscuit or 2 @ Eves Apple Shack (AKA Juniper Green Ex-Police Box) .

There for your bottom by kind Local Donation and Saved from the Skip 2016 by the talents, time and contribution of a Local Skilled Craftsman